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Design Review Resources and Documents

Are you interested in building a patio, installing a hot tub, parking pad, painting your home, planting a tree, and planting a vegetable garden?

While we love to encourage neighbors to improve and enhance their homes, the Association has a responsibility to ensure that all projects are completed with an eye to quality and with the suitable application of materials while ensuring sensitivity to Wellington Neighborhood residents, as well as preserving the architectural character of the neighborhood. This is why we require neighbors to submit plans for review and approval by the Design Review Committee (DRC) before any projects begin.

To get your project off to the right start, follow these easy steps:

Step 1

Before beginning your project, determine if it needs DRC approval. Download the Design Standards for guidance. Your project may require approval from the Town of Breckenridge. Please contact the Planning Department for review requirements. DRC approval is the first step. Please note there is a separate application for fence projects.

Town of Breckenridge Planning Department: (970) 543-3160

Step 2

Compile all the necessary materials required for submission to the DRC for review. Ensure that all the materials are in accordance with the guidelines mentioned in the Design Standards to avoid any delays or rejections during the review process.

Step 3

Submit your application to the DRC and HOA Management team. It is preferred to send a digital copy to

Step 4

A decision from the DRC is pending. Homeowners should receive a response shortly after the monthly meeting.

Step 5

Once approved by the DRC, you can commence the construction of your project. Obtaining all the necessary permits and approvals from the Town of Breckenridge Planning Department is important. We highly recommend scheduling an initial meeting before submitting your DRC application to discuss the steps required to seek Town of Breckenridge approval and permits.  

Step 6

Notify the DRC of your completed project for their review.

Our Design Review Committee Members

The DRC is a committee of neighborhood volunteers who review and approve proposed improvements from neighbors. The Board of Directors appoints committee members following a call for applicants.

A big thanks goes out to these neighbors for their volunteer efforts on this committee.

Please send completed applications to Alpine Edge by the submission deadline.

Submission Deadline

DRC Meeting Date